One who landed in the cuckoo’s nest

Suppose you’ve met somebody where you’ve struck up a conversation just to pass the time. This is person ‘A’.   In the course of your conversation with ‘A’ they they begin to channel the conversation toward a topic that concerns them… and they start dropping a few of their ‘own facts’.  You’re instantly skeptical because you’re not entirely sure some of their ‘facts’ aren’t all factual.  You don’t have enough information on hand, however, to refute them so you remain mum.

‘A’ continues to discuss his topic and begins to elevate his voice level and then drops what you know is a factually incorrect tidbit.  Person ‘B’ hears this and turns toward ‘A’ with look on her face that is one of surprise.

You think to yourself: ‘Whew! She’s heard this and now there are two of us who recognize that was factually out of bounds.’

Except she takes the first untruth and excitedly explains her theories into a psychological fantasy land where truth and fiction are interchangeable.  ‘B’ makes ‘A’ appear to be downright logical by comparison.

One of your eyebrows begins a rapid ascent northward as you realize you’re presently homesteaded with cuckoos.  Well, that’s how I feel as I’m participating in this ‘National Conversation’ that the left feels we have to engage in.  When even your Secretary of State drops some Person ‘A’ bombs into the national conversation, you need to begin benchmarking what level of lunacy to which our political discussion has plunged.

The liberal Quinnipiac poll offers a few metrics.  I know they’re liberal but we’ll give some of the reasonable liberals a benefit of the doubt.  This is the result of one of their polls:

Saturday’s shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, in which six people were killed, could not have been prevented, 40 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Another 23 percent blame the mental health system, while 15 percent say it was due to heated political rhetoric and 9 percent attribute the tragedy to lax gun control.

American voters say 52 – 41 percent that “heated political rhetoric drives unstable people to commit violence,” the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Liberals rather than conservatives are more responsible for such rhetoric, voters say 36 – 32 percent.

Now, even the 15% blaming rhetoric is entirely too high in my estimation and clearly the mental health system didn’t perform up to standards… so I think that number is too low.  But I digress.  This is for benchmarking of Americans but from a liberal leaning outfit.

Let’s raise one of your eyebrows….it’s looking a little flabby, anyway.  How does the ‘Person B’ of the cuckoo collective view the Tucson situation:

Hmmm.  To whom do they attribute the blame?  Guess:

Sarah Palin and conservatives.  Of course, they omit any of their own words in this ridiculous contention.

Even though our country’s cuckoo ratio is entirely too high, we have them thoroughly outnumbered.  The problem is that we’ve allowed the cuckoos to shout us down with inferior numbers and flawed logic.

That time has passed and it’s time to put a logical boot in their tuckus and get in their faces on a national level… especially since we have the momentum and they are desperate.  Enough is enough.

H/T to: Politically Incorrect and Moonbattery.


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