Reforming Social Security with Personal Accounts

Share this video with your family and friends.  We need to do this now… the stats of the upcoming tsunami of debt makes our current debt plight seem desirable.

A few spoiler surprising facts to share with the audience.  As S.S. is currently configured:

1. If you retired and started collecting your S.S. payments today, you’d have to live to 100 years of age to recoup your payments into the system, assuming average market rates.

2.  S.S., especially as it’s configured now, is an incredibly bad deal for minorities.

3. The U.S. is the only major country with a gov’t sponsored retirement system who has not reformed theirs.  Australia did so 20+ years ago and have had fantastic results.

4.  Some current proposals for ‘saving’ S.S. would force you to pay more and get less!

Hey, S.S. is nothing more than a political tool for pols to get re-elected.  At the expense of your retirement security.   It’s a crappy deal… so let’s start by cleaning out those in D.C. who crap on us at every turn.

Fair warning for FDR-is-demi-god liberals who think S.S. is greatest thing since toilet paper: I can debate this topic very well.  You may do so at the peril of your flimsy talking points.  You have been warned.


One Response to “Reforming Social Security with Personal Accounts”

  1. ruralcounsel Says:

    European governments are already looking at ways to confiscate private retirement funds or pensions.

    Your 401(k) isn’t safe either. Social Security will be insolvent.
    The only thing you can depend on is what you have stuffed under your mattress, and it better not be in inflation-trashed dollars.

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