Busting ours to kick yours

For any leftists out there who expressly support the incredible blame game going on presently, I have news for you: we’ve had enough.   Really.  Your behavior is not merely outrageous… it’s sick.  There is very little separation between your psychological approval of this blaming activity and the mental state that brought Loughner to his tragic situation.

I was raised to give and receive a minimum amount of decency in society and you clearly don’t give a damn about being decent.  Not even close.  Your ideology feeds upon the goodwill of decent people in a society that you mock and dump upon.   You want us to give  you opportunity for ‘civil discourse’ when your group is not in complete control… yet you screw the hell out of us in discussion at every turn. Whether or not you’re in control.

For you, it’s about the creeping specter of complete control until we can no longer control the political levers.  You’ll do anything to get power, including this present ghoulish endeavor of blaming entire swaths of innocent Americans. You and your ideology are seriously sick…. and you don’t give a damn.

I have very bad news for you: the rest of us do give a damn… and now we’re pissed off at  you, to boot. We’re tired of  your crap and you can forget the political compromises with your side.  It’s our way or the highway.

Screw you and your ideology.


22 Responses to “Busting ours to kick yours”

  1. CarolinaKat Says:

    Well said.

  2. For the left control=power and they never have enough. That they will use such a tragedy for political ends is beyond disgusting.

  3. It’s about time. I quite agree.

  4. Susan in Seattle Says:

    I popped over here via Don Surber. This is an excellent post and I’ll iterate Retread above, for the left, it’s about power and control, nothing more.
    Kind regards to you.

  5. Oh hell yeah, I am right there with you, b5blue!

  6. compromises? since when? Enjoy your little echo chamber.

    • Since when? For several decades since the inception of modern liberalism’s rot. The fetid stench of its decay is evident for those outside of the ivory wall.

  7. Well said b5blue!

    We can only hope that the elected right gets this message. If there was ever a time to say enough is enough and offer a complete slap down, this is it. Time to start playing the Deguello. No compromises indeed

  8. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Beautifully said ~ I have many friends of the leftist variety, and we absolutely cannot discuss politics. Their minds are made up and will not be changed, even when absolute proof is placed in front of them. In lib terms, the words “bipartisan & compromise” only mean doing things their way.

    • Pianogirl,

      I understand where you’re coming from. There are some liberals out there (endangered species category, probably) who can be engaged. The best way is in an internet forum. If you can engage them in a relatively well moderated internet forum, then you can stick to just the facts and avoid the annoying tendency of liberals to ‘shout you down’. Corvetteforum.com has a decent Politics and Religion section that is well moderated. I lurk over there at times.

      I’ve engaged 5 – 10 liberals over the last ten years and they’re no longer liberal. It’s been worth it.

      • Pianogirl88 Says:

        I teach in a small college where the libs outnumber the conservatives about 99 to 1. Since I don’t have tenure, I must be careful voicing my opinion, but on FB, I do list myself as a conservative, and have had an occasional student ask a political question, which I calmly, patiently answer. One lib friend used to send horrific e-mails. I finally wrote back and told him that I had “facts” on my side, and if he wanted to open the can of worms, I’d be happy to engage him in a dialog, but the ball was in his court. He never brought up politics again. I’m thankful to have found your blog!

      • Don’t be cowed by their numbers; I realize you must maintain a certain level of muted conservatism. Always stick to the facts and remind them that it’s a free country and your principles are a part of that package.

        Send ’em over to that Corvette forum; most of the regulars are conservative and can handle modern liberalism readily.

  9. Piano Girl,

    Send the libs here, I need some exercise.


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