Giving Dung Beetles everywhere a bad name

Just how low will the left go to try to pin the Tucson shooting on the conservatives and moderates?  Low enough to try to photoshop Loughner into being a Republican:

Luckily for us:

1.  They can’t spell ‘Tucson’ worth a damn.  Must be that great government led education they keep telling us about.

2.  What they claim has been proven false here and here.

If you thought dung beetles had it bad rolling balls ‘o doo to sustain themselves…. try being a modern liberal elbow deep in the doo trying in extreme vain to justify a vanishing liberal utopian mirage.

If you’re a disillusioned liberal… you need to ask yourself why you associate yourself with such a morally reprehensible ideology.

Special thanks to the vigilance of the Jawa Report.


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