Liberal Escapees!

For those liberals peaking through rotting wood slats on the liberal reservation, I’m going to periodically link to liberals who have left the reservation.   I highly encourage you to read some of their stories and their political treks to see where you are in your escape plans!

One of my faves:  Neo-neocon. She offers a very detailed story about her escape and experiences journeying through the political minefield of liberal land.  Juicy part of her voyage:

Whenever I did decide to speak up, I tried to be quiet and respectful, and above all simple. I’d start by saying that I’d been a liberal Democrat my whole life (I’m one of you, not one of them, so don’t hate me, please!). I’d say I’d never voted for a Republican in my life (true). Then I’d say, in the mildest of voices, that nevertheless I happened to have come to agree with George Bush on quite a few aspects of his foreign policy.

First there was usually a stunned silence. At one party the person I was addressing asked me, “What did you say?” three times before she actually could process my answer and even understand the words I had said, much less react to them. Yes, every now and then people would be curious to hear what I had to say, and we would have a decent discussion. But far more often the anger would erupt, often instantaneously—and I mean rage, the like of which I had never before encountered with friends or acquaintances. A closed-mindedness, and a refusal to even listen to me. Most of these people had always seemed to respect my intelligence before, but now I was considered to be very very stupid—or evil. Gone over to the Dark Side.

Attacks. Name-calling: “imperialist,” “colonialist”—and, in one rather memorable case, “Dan Quayle lover,” although I certainly hadn’t breathed a word about any passion for him. Many of my friends were noticeably cooler to me after these exchanges, and a couple of old friends actually severed our relationship (permanently, so far).

Read her story.  Know that there are consequences in challenging the ostrich brigade of ivory tower elitism.  On the other side of the equation, though, when you finish the trek through the ostrich minefield, you have your principles intact and a new political group on your side.

Yeah, we disagree alot but it’s more fun over here.  And we have better cookies.


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