Purpose of this blog

As I’ve explained in the About Section:

I’m a conservative/libertarian hybrid hell-bent on reforming liberals who are stuck on their reservation.

I’ve been an internet political junkie for about a decade and I’m continually astounded by the insular nature of modern liberalism.   Engaging liberals can be a tough task as they tend to leave the discussion when the thermometer in kitchen gets hard to take.

I have, however, managed to engage a few liberals in reasonable discussion and it takes copious amounts of patience and  information to overcome standardized liberal misconceptions.

This is for newly energized citizens ready to be more politically active.  As things continue to get tougher for some of the leftists, they’ll be trotting out retread arguments.  I want to help our Tea Party brigade and liberals leaving the liberal reservation to challenge the lousy contentions of the left.

We must stop the left from spending our republic into oblivion.


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