A great start to slashing Federal spending

Department of Education Proposed Spending Cuts.  Juiciest part:

The Department of Education should be closed and its programs terminated. The main activity of the department is to provide grants to state and local governments. However, channeling taxpayer dollars through Washington and then back to the states is an inefficient way to fund local activities such as education. It would be better if the states funded their own education programs free of all the paperwork that comes with federal aid.

Bingo.  Having 50 states engaged in competitive ‘bidding’ for attracting, educating and retaining the best students is the ultimate answer for improving education.   The Department of Education is a monopoly for mediocrity.

One more thing:

One of the emerging straw men that the leftists proffer is that conservatives/Tea Party types have no solutions to the budget crisis.  Not true.  When one of them challenges you to name ‘One thing that the Tea Party should cut’.

Answer: Cut the Dept. of Education to save us $107 billion annually and every household $900 annually.  That’s a win-win!  We improve education and pocket $900 in each household!

Next question?



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