Sarah’s chance to shape 21st Century conservatism

Anybody with a casual perusal of newspapers and blogs knows the water-on-high-voltage-electrical-box effect that Sarah Palin has upon liberals far and wide.  In fact, I’ve coined the term ‘Palin Rabies’ to describe this progression of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Sarah clearly has their number and the influence with the populace to instigate code red mouth foam on the left.   She has many views that I agree with and a small number that I have parted ways with her on but overall she’s a gem for the conservative movement.

As for 2012?

I think she needs to take a ‘bye’ in 2012.  Oh, she’s far more qualified than the radical in chief now.  I’m thinking long term for the conservative movement.  If she runs in 2012, she makes it easy for the left to run against her.  They’ve already expended considerable time and money in the past two years and as the Pub nominee, it would be cheap and relatively effortless for the left to run against her.  Recycling talking points is what the left does best in elections.

If she were to retain her present role as ‘king maker’,  and if she helps nominate a Tea Party dark horse, the left would have to start over and expend considerable effort against her and the dark horse.  Not only that, if she continues on a ‘king maker’, she can help us shape Congress -and the political climate- for the next generation.

If she chooses to run in a later presidential contest, it would definitely help us bleed the left of resources in the future.  We need to keep the left frothing from the mouth and bleeding cash profusely for several decades.   Sarah Palin needs to be liberal bloodletter-in-chief to help the conservatives regain their footing.


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