2012 Prospective Candidates

Jennifer Rubin covers the 2012 presidential field from the Pub side.  She covers my opinion of the 2012 race quite well in the last paragraph:

To the contrary, the “top tier” candidates have name recognition but have serious shortcomings. The race is wide open, and the notion that a “lesser known” candidate can’t win is simply preposterous in a media and campaign environment in which Christie has become a YouTube rock star and Ryan has emerged as a darling of wonkish conservatives.

The amazing part is the utter audacity of the wagging tongues of the credentialed-but-not-educated political class to opine who should or should not be the Pub candidate.   It’s as if they want to frame the candidate discussion for the Tea Party.

We all know what the Tea Party thinks about the clueless political class.  We’ll shape the candidate discussion whether the political class in Washington likes it or not.

I’m hoping it’s ‘not’.

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