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Monday Morn Music to the ears

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2012: Wouldja take a pill, already? Geez.

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I keep seeing the left desperately wanting to know who the Pub nominee will be and at the same time wanting to deflate the right in regards to any of the their prospects.   I also see some on the right and middle falling for it.

Let’s put in basics terms: we have tons of time.  Relax.  The last thing we need to do is prematurely choose a prospect and lose time to vet them.  We would lose opportunities for their reaction to events (Tucson, Egypt) to gauge their prowess.

Let’s put it another way… consider the lousy candidate that the Dems have to defend.  He’s the antithesis of what they campaigned on in 2008.  He’s validating many of George Bush’s policies.  He’s helped bring forth the Tea Party Movement (Thanks, Libs!).  Instead of capitalizing on a natural economic swing for 2012, he’s actually going to suppress it with his spending and stupid energy policies.

Witness the 2011 SOTU address.  Oh. My. Goodness.  The dude’s out of gas and he’s at half track.  He just removed a size ten electoral boot from his tuckus and he wants to try another stimulus?  The man possesses one of the world’s flattest learning curves.

Just fast forward a few months when Congress starts de-funding Obamacare.  Is there anybody in the audience who thinks that Barack Obama is going address it smoothly?  Me neither.  I suspect he’ll give the right ample talking points material shedding further light upon his ivory tower elitism and dismissive attitude toward the knaves.

The actual campaign itself?  He’ll have to defend an administration he ran that is far from what he promised… or even what the fawning MSM robots promised.  Oh, yeah, the MSM.  They’re just now figuring out they are no longer the unanimous jury on the talking points board.

So relax, as I opined before, we have plenty of time and let’s keep the leftist media breathless with anticipation.  They’re kinda cute with the froth on the corner of their mouths.

Freedom to Assemble for me, not thee

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Leftists Push Back Against Koch Brothers’ Right to Free Assembly.  If it weren’t for double standards, modern liberalism would have no standards at all.

Why Reagan would club (not heart)Obama

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A very gracious tip o’ the derby to: American Power.  Love it.

Sputnik Travels Through a Black Hole

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H/T: Politically Incorrect.

Daily Grin: Allen West reacts to the Olbermann purge

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*b5blue grins a broad smile*  Is it totally incivil?  Damn straight.  Get used to it.

HUD funding goes to belly dancer parties…

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…sex offenders, dead residents and graft for a mansion for a HUD executive.  Abolish the HUD.   Courtesy of The Washington Examiner:

The problems are widespread, from an executive in New Orleans convicted of embezzling more than $900,000 in housing money around the time he bought a lavish Florida mansion to federal funds wrongly being spent to provide housing for sex offenders or to pay vouchers to residents long since dead.

Despite red flags from its own internal watchdog, HUD has continued to plow fresh federal dollars into these troubled agencies, including $218 million in stimulus funds since 2009, the joint investigation found.

The ultimate victims of such mismanagement are impoverished Americans who rely on federally funded local public housing agencies to provide them with a clean, safe place to live.

“We’re failing these tenants, we’re failing the taxpayers,” said Kenneth Donohue, who recently retired as the HUD inspector general in charge of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse from the federal housing program.

… the real sex offenders are those in HUD screwing the tax payers.
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