Why do people trust the willfully ignorant class?

As Glenn Reynolds calls them: Credentialed but not educated.  I’d also like to add ‘willfully ignorant class’ as the depth of willful ignorance knows no bottom.  Ezra Klein, class President of the Willfully Ignorant, decides to start a ‘shock and awe’ campaign of willful ignorance.

Most people I know could tell you the United States Constitution was NOT written in 1910.  Since Ezra Klein is part of the credentialed but not educated class, he gets to promulgate such willful ignorance.  If this had been Sarah Palin?  Good grief, Google couldn’t keep up with the lefty articles linking to such a quote.  Instead, Mr. Klein makes a quiet edit to his original post and the liberal media looks the other way.

Utter rot, thy name is modern liberalism.


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