Soldiers of expression: Hate speech, censorship & ethics

Jesse Kline and The Western Standard provide a glimpse into what passes for freedom of speech at a university.  Juicy part:

My first post was on the war in Gaza and the problems I had with students and pundits who claimed that Israel was using a disproportionate amount of force. “If Israel sent in missiles without aiming, would that be proportional? If Israel deliberately fired upon civilian, rather than military targets, would that be proportional? Because that is exactly how Hamas has been terrorizing the innocent people living in Southern Israel.… Of course, I would not expect information such as how Israeli hospitals are treating injured Palestinians, while Palestinian hospitals are allowing Hamas agents to shoot injured prisoners in their hospital beds, to be disseminated in a lefty institution like a Canadian university,” I wrote.

Before I was able to publish the piece, I was pulled into my professor’s office and told that my writing was unacceptable; that I was unqualified to write on the war in Gaza because I am not a international relations expert and I’ve never served with the Israeli army. He also said that the piece was too opinionated and that I would have to provide proof of everything I said, including my assertion that Hamas is a terrorist organization, even though it is listed as such by both the American and Canadian governments.

I initially gave my professor the benefit of the doubt and switched my topic. After receiving feedback on my next post, I asked for examples of best practises and was sent to a blog post written by one of my classmates. She also wrote about the war in Gaza, but she was on the opposite side of the issue, claiming that Israel was using disproportionate force and that the Canadian government was wrong not to condemn it. It quickly became apparent to me that my previous post had been censored, not for any of the reasons I was given, but because my political opinions conflicted with those of my professor.

Let’s be honest: that’s not education, it’s indoctrination.  No different from what happened at Soviet Union era universities, for example.  For those parents preparing to send their children to universities, educate yourself about Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and ensure you don’t choose a campus on their Red Alert List.  FIRE has already put many public universities on notice that the suppression of speech by some will no longer be tolerated.

If leftists ideas are the greatest thing since sliced bread, why do the liberal pundits insist on having no competing ideas?  We all know the answer.  Modern liberalism thrives only when given the wellspring of water from the government faucet and in a desert of other ideas.   They want to control the government faucet and deny other ideas to even exist.


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