Democrat Party lay offs consisted of 100% black Americans

From the Democrat memory hole circa 2003 of the party ‘who looks out for the welfare of black American.’  Long story short…. the DNC needed to trim personnel costs and they sent 10 pink slips to 10 black Americans.

I’m not going to challenge the right or the innocence of the DNC on their choice, the lay offs may have been 100% performance related.   I just want to point out as Donna Brazile did:

“I’m just outraged,” said Donna Brazile, who served as Al Gore’s campaign manager in the last presidential election and is also the chairwoman of the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute. “They started reading me the names and I said ‘Oh, oh—they’re all black. I went through the roof.”

“If the Republicans were to do this, you know what would happen,” said Donna Brazile, who chairs the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute. “You know I would be kicking them where they need to be kicked.”

This was not 40 or 50 years ago.  This was a scant 7 years ago during the George Bush adminstration… where was the outrage from the notable black race hustlers?  Quiet as a mausoleum with a few exceptions.

Let’s take some time to underscore the depth of the Democrat hypocrisy on race and equality.  The Dems allegedly are the party of black Americans.  Well, blacks routinely give Dems 90%+ support in national elections, so the black demographic is definitely the best voting block for the Democrats.  You would even think that the black constituency (esp. black DNC employees) might receive some preferential treatment.  But the opposite was true.

If I follow the logic here… the Pubs who are perceived as being ‘against’ the welfare of black Americans (but aren’t) and don’t receive much support from black voters are deserving of criticism and maybe a vocal protest.

Then, shouldn’t the Democrats be subject to far wider and louder criticism for taking this key group for granted?

Yes, if the leftists cared anything about logic.  They don’t, though… they have an agenda to alter America and the blacks are just one of their tools in their political toolbox.

If you’re a liberal who’s disillusioned with the modern Democrat party, do you see how the Democrats routinely sell out different groups to attain more power?  Think about this example.



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