Downsizing the Federal Gov’t

In order for our republic to heal itself, we have to remove the fiscal tumor that it the federal gov’t from our economic structure.  Gov’t and Socialism have never created one job or a nickel’s worth of economic benefit.  Ever.

They can only redistribute or reduce economic activity.  I’m not arguing about abolishing the federal gov’t,  I’m saying it cannot continue to expand at the rate it has and our republic survive.   Think of it this way: our republic was far more economically vibrant and innovative when the federal gov’t was much smaller.   That’s because the economic power was in the hands of the people, not the gov’t.

As soon as somebody in Congress proposes an agency cut, the left will howl about ‘losing jobs’.  Mark it down….but it’s a lie.  Cutting federal agency jobs and the corresponding fat cat pay and benefits will actually create more jobs in the private sector.

The CATO institute has created a website entitled Downsizing the Federal Government.  Bookmark it if you’re serious about helping us to carve out the tumor!


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