Hate monger Fred Phelps is life long Democrat

Information courtesy of Hillbuzz.  They detail the long Democrat affiliation of Fred Phelps and includes pix of Mr. Phelps with Al Gore.   Juicy part:

Is Fred Phelps a Democrat?

Yes.  Fred Phelps is a lifelong Democrat who ran for Governor of Kansas three times…in 1990, 1994, and 1998.  Fred Phelps ran as a Democrat.  Fred Phelps is a Democrat who strongly supported Al Gore for years, briefly broke away from Gore during the Clinton years because Phelps hates both Bill and Hillary Clinton with a passion (because of Bill’s infidelities), but has seemingly reconciled with Gore and loves him again.  Phelps’ son is also a big Al Gore supporter and was a Gore delegate in 1988 to the Democrat Convention.

Questions for liberals ready to leave the reservation:  Is it beyond the shadow of a doubt that if Mr. Phelps were a Republican that our ‘professional’ media would have been trumpeting this from the tops of their ivory towers?

You and I both know the answer.

Furthermore,  I want you to ask yourself why the Democrats didn’t distance themselves from this scoundrel long ago?

Again, you and I both know the answer.

Why, again, why on earth would anybody vote straight line Democrat?  Their form of hatred is acceptable in their psychology to attain their goal of more control over your life.  Don’t give away your valuable support and freedom!


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