The First Black Senator was a Republican

Bet ya never heard of Hiram R. Revels.   Me neither.  Found this wonderful nugget over at NAACPC blog.  Click over there and look around… super cool political cartoon depicting Senator Revels taking Jefferson Davis’ Senate seat.

Juicy part:

The Jefferson Davis Story: Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy and a Democrat, he was also a Senator from the State of Mississippi. After the Civil War, he was imprisoned for treason. He spent 2 years in jail. In 1870, that Senate seat was filled by a Republican. Obviously, this was the first Republican to serve in that Senate seat.  The man’s name who filled that seat was Hiram R. Revels.  The curious fact about the man who replaced the President of the Confederacy in Congress is that not only was he a Republican but also the First Black Senator in U.S. History.

History is usually one of the first casualties of politics.


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