Serious Liberal Public Health Issue

I’m getting a tad bit concerned.   When is the Center for Disease Control going to address the epidemic of Palin Rabies in our society?  Goodness knows it has to be a public threat as you don’t have to be near Sarah to get it. I mean, good grief,  just an innocent photo or generic statement from Sarah sends some sectors of liberalville into code red mouth foam.  It’s beyond air-borne.

Sarah gets under their skin and their salivary glands, too, apparently. Here’s an article that’s worth a click from AMAC from January, 2010 courtesy of Jedediah Bila.

Juicy part:

The left continues to be obsessed with Sarah Palin’s every peep, sneeze, and stride.  Despite the fact that it has been over a year since the 2008 Presidential Election, Palinphobia remains fiercely intact, no doubt fueled by the release of Going Rogue and sure to be sustained by Palin’s decision to join the Fox News team.  The question is why, and the common response that she’s a conservative woman, and hence guaranteed to be routinely in the line of fire, is unsatisfactory to the American voter.  And it should be.

Of course Palin’s commitment to the pro-life movement will forever imprint a scarlet letter on her chest in the minds of the pro-abortion National Organization for Women and its wide-eyed followers, despite the true origin of the feminist movement and Palin’s alignment with it.  But the reality is that there is something unique and remarkably threatening about Sarah Palin that places her in a league of her own.  Despite her media and fan-bestowed celebrity status, Palin is, at her core, an everyday American.  She’s a proud hockey mom who acknowledges her mistakes and imperfections.  She pledges allegiance to our flag and her faith.  She isn’t worried about not having a pretentious Ivy League degree.  She doesn’t come from affluence or bear a prestigious family name.  And if she skins her knees beating the boys in a basketball game, she’ll likely do a quick victory lap and treat them to dinner at the Palin house.  A woman who doesn’t feel victimized by the boys?  There’s another strike against her from the feminist left.


One Response to “Serious Liberal Public Health Issue”

  1. […] effect that Sarah Palin has upon liberals far and wide.  In fact, I’ve coined the term ‘Palin Rabies’ to describe this progression of Bush Derangement […]

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