Hello there.

I’ve been an internet political junkie (conservative/libertarian) for about a decade and I’m continually astounded by the insular nature of modern liberalism.   Engaging liberals can be a tough task as they tend to leave the discussion when the thermometer in kitchen gets hard to take.

I have, however, managed to engage a few liberals in reasonable discussion and it takes copious amounts of patience and  information to overcome standardized liberal misconceptions.

I’m making an attempt to cobble some of the best sources, articles and videos into one site so that you, too, can help liberals leave the reservation.  It’s not up to you give them direction… it’s only important that they consider points of view other than their echo chamber of disgust and mistrust of those outside of their realm.

Once off of the reservation, they tend to become some of the best allies in preserving our republic one can ask for.  I’ve had more than one former liberal thank me in forums for giving the information they needed to make their decision to board the internet railroad.

For those who believe this a futile attempt, I admit odds are long but I’d much rather reform a few liberal Americans than fight them at the expense of our republic.  Indeed, I’ve seen quite a few former liberals start blogs dedicated to highlighting their journey.

Let’s help them gain access to the internet railroad.  Allllll aboard!


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